Free Moss Service- Yes this is true, if you are a residential maintenance customer of ours we provide a free moss control service. I’ve thought about charging for this service but in this day and age it just seems like money doesn’t go as far as it should and it’s the Christmas season so why not just provide moss removal for my clients. I use a product called Ferris Sulfate; it is basically a pelletized form of Iron. As you know moss grows very well in our damp climate, moss also grows in undisturbed areas where debris turns into organic matter. For example at the bottom of curbs along the blacktop, in flower beds in areas that have not been raked out in a long time, on your roof, in the gutters, and especially shade areas, ECT. What we do is after cleaning an area, mostly hardscape areas that have porous material that traps organic matter; we apply the Ferris Sulfate zapping the growth so that these hardscape surfaces remain safe to walk on. If we are missing an area please feel free to email or call me as a friendly reminder.

Commercial customers- I do not provide this service to commercial customers for free as your large parking lots require more material and effort than the residential customers. Most of your large parking lots need this treatment as it is an excellent deterrent for liability claims. Please give me a shout and I will get you out a quote. This service is very reasonable and well worth the wintertime effort to budget this annually.


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