For starters you are viewing this blog from our new web site. A fresh look and feel is what everyone is clamoring for, or so they say…

It is definitely a different day and age requiring constant upkeep with the changes that seem to happen every couple of years. Recently discussing days gone past, a group of us reminiscing the days of the suitcase telephones and code computers. Reminiscing about meeting with the Geeky guy who only wanted $5000 down on a golden opportunity to invest in the opportunity of a life time… The future? Hello, like I would throw my money to that geeky guy Gates Golden Opportunity to become a millionaire??… OK I Blew that one.

Therefore I press on seeking my millions only to struggle to keep up in this techno age. The younger generation, my kids who when I have a computer problem I just give them a shout and they show up with a device in each hand that I have to con them out of for a minute to rescue me, only a temporary answer to my challenge. Yes it is a different day and age that’s for sure! My web guy tells me this new site is a must, it is phone optimized so that all the people using the phones can see our site, apparently 70% of all searching now is by small personal device. In another meeting a web developer asks are you on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook? Good grief I’m sweating, as the list goes on. Is this computer age really saving me time and effort? My hunch tells me that future change will come faster and faster and cost forever more to keep up with.

As for Westside Landscape and Landscape Shoppe, we are moving at what I would call a furious pace. Everyone tells me that you should feel blessed. You’re so lucky to have the work load that you have. I agree, and yes I am extremely blessed just not so sure my slow growth philosophy has prepared me very well for the backlog and growth heading our direction.

Some key changes that are coming for us…

We will be moving our construction/installation division of Westside Landscape to the Landscape Shoppe, maintenance will stay at the farm. This benefits us in a variety of ways. Mainly our crews don’t have to stop at the Landscape Shoppe to pick up materials instead, starting from one location with loaded trucks from the night crew cutting down our out the door production times by at least 50% in the first hour. This also benefits Landscape Shoppe as we help them handle daily yard production giving the Shoppe more resources for delivery and a larger work force for daily production.

Home Show - We will be in the spring show this year at the Fairgrounds. This is a first for us and I have wanted to do this for years so I’m looking forward to the challenge of presenting to our community Landscape Shoppe for the first time.

As for me personally, I am sleeping well! A big indicator for me of the confidence that I have in the ability of our people to move forward in meeting the goals that I dream of nightly. WE Will make this happen! There is no doubt about it and I personally am ready like I have never been before to aggressively move our enterprises to the next level!


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