I have recently done a few proposals for the folks out there with the issue of lawn border and edging coming up lately for some reason. Some of the questions that the folks have is what product to use, where to install the border, how to install? All good questions, the following is my opinion on the subject.

As a landscape installation and maintenance professional, I find that the reason people want a lawn border out of some kind of synthetic material is that they think that it will be easier to maintain, some of the folks also just like the neat clean look that it can create and with the right product this can be achieved; however it will not cut down on the overall maintenance of the lawn.

In most cases I find that a lawn border if not properly installed is more of a nuisance and just another item in the landscape to maintain. The lawn still needs an edge put on it, a border will not stop the grass or plants that you are trying to maintain from overgrowing an area, and more often than not I see lawn borders that have been smashed by the mower, nicked by the edger, broken or worn in some way with just another item to fix in the lawn, so in my opinion it is not needed.

I also do not like synthetic stuff in the lawn, I like it natural and with some practice on the old weed eater, or blade edger (that by the way I would never use a power blade edger as they are way too dangerous!) you will master the art of edging without the need of a lawn border.

So save yourself some time, on installation and maintenance of the lawn border and just learn to properly use an edger or better yet hire us to maintain your lawn so that you can spend your precious weekends during the summer traveling, visit friends or relatives, or just doing nothing instead of trying to manicure that lawn.

Thanks again, you guys are the Best!!

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