Hi folks! Lets discuss our lifetime warranty. First off it is most unheard of for a landscape company to offer this type of service. It is my philosophy that if we are going to be in business for as long as I can foresee then we might as well partner with our clients, prove to them that we are good for your word, after all we are only as good as the folks that we surround our self with....Our incredible clients!

Here is how it works, when we install a complete landscape, or any part of a new installation , new lawn, sprinkler system, retaining wall, water feature, new plants. If you allow us to maintain your property on a landscape maintenance agreement we will warranty that installation for the life of the maintenance agreement.

When we are visiting your site weekly we can watch and observe and detail your ever growing and changing landscape, make repairs and corrections before the grass, plants and hardscapes are often as I have experienced too far gone to remedy without a new installation.

Why is this a benefit to you? Look at what we as consumers pay for stuff, new cars how long is the warranty? How about your house? For most of us (the house) is our single greatest investment and really there is no warranty because I don’t really have the expertise to maintain all of the systems in the house and I have never seen a builder offer this in our area.

If you are having a company maintain your landscape already it costs you nothing to have us do it on warranty, make repairs, suggestions on how we can improve and guarantee our service to you. I can even add an extended warranty onto an already existing landscape if you switch your service to Westside Landscape, your landscape will improve and not decline for the life of the landscape as long as we are maintaining your property.

We are the landscape experts, have the experience and are here to attest that we will install your landscape product properly and if you will trust us to maintain your yard we will be there for a long time ( I’d use the word forever but how long is forever? ) to trouble shoot, fix and back up the original installation for as long as it takes.

Another benefit (TIME) when we sign a new maintenance customer the main reason that they have us maintain their lawn is because they realize that they do not have the time to do it properly. Think about it, what is your time worth? especially in Oregon with 4 different seasons to deal with and the problems that can arise from not visiting your landscape weekly.

Remember the leaves you forgot to rake that killed the grass, the lawn you didn’t mow for a month cause you were out of town on business or just too tired to get to it, or the sprinkler heads that are all broken and spraying the wrong way making your lawn look more like the surface of the moon, full of dead spots and craters? OK...you get where I’m going.

Enough for now, in the next couple weeks I will write part 2 of this blog and discuss how much should it really cost to have a service like this.

Thanks, Tim...


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