As I write this we are currently replacing 3 lawns within a half mile of each other, with a dozen or more waiting for lawn restoration. The reason is that these clients lawns and plants have deteriorated over the years due to the heavy, poor quality clay soils. This season the crane fly larva has also had a serious effect on the lawns due to the fact that most lawns become saturated and hold water. In a wet year like we are in the crane fly larva will hatch and lay the eggs in the next couple of months in the lawn, develop into larva and start eating the lawn next year in the early winter/spring because poor quality soils don’t drain and this is the optimum habitat for the Crane Fly Larva. Most likely if you have a builder installed lawn, or wet poor draining soil, you have larva in your lawn to a certain degree right now, look for the giant looking mosquito flying around and then dig out a piece of your lawn soil to see if there are any worms ( larva ) in the soil.

When we replace a lawn and install new shrub areas I will create a mix of soil by adding in specific amounts of sand, compost, topsoil, fertilizer, bonemeal and other goodies to ensure that your roots in plants and lawns will go deep and not rot due to poor draining, wet soil, this will also encourage the crane fly to move on to your Neighbors wet, poor draining lawn....Sorry Neighbor.

As a professional landscape maintenance provider it is my job to specifically diagnose the problem with your yard plants, trees and grass, and recommend how it can be remedied. When I look at specific situations it most always comes down to the roots.....remember the old saying that it is the Root of the problem, in the case of plants and grass it’s all about the soil that they are growing in, and how the roots react to that soil.

The next piece of the pie is Landscape Maintenance, after the initial installation it’s time to put the effort into the new landscape, this is best done of course by Westside Landscape ( see Lifetime Warranty ) but if you should choose to do this yourself you will need to do 2 things. First get educated, for starters you can read my web site, there is also a lot of other good information online, and when you find something I don’t know or am just plain wrong on, please by all means send it to me so I can learn also.

The second is to prepare to put in the effort. I see a lot of projects and most are a combination of lack of knowledge and lack of effort. As for the effort thing I can’t blame most folks for slipping here, I really don’t like working in the yard, I have an acre yard around my house and if I didn’t have a full time crew to maintain it I would most likely sell this place and not deal with it, the last thing I want to be doing is working in my yard on one of the few nice days or weekends that we get here in Oregon. So there you go, hire a professional, we will make it look fantastic, I guarantee it!!

Tim Barnes


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