Not sure spring is my favorite time of year, and in fact in my business I know for sure that it is not! With that said I do like the spring time, mainly because I know that the long hours of labor ahead are getting me that much closer to my fall fishing and hunting and my winter vacations to warm destinations.

Landscape Shoppe- As my inaugural blog for our new venture, I have past wondered what the heck I am getting myself into. In my younger past I spent many a year mowing the grass on my father’s golf course only to realize that doing the manual labor for someone else was not in my long term plans. So I started up Westside Landscape in about 1985. Today a full service landscape installation and maintenance company that we operate from our farm in Independence, OR. We employ 25 people with varying skills and expertise in landscape installation of water features, decorative outdoor spaces, custom patios of stone, pavers or whatever else you can dream up. I also write a blog for Westside so again I am asking myself… And I’m doing this for what? A while back my wife kept predicting that I was up to something as I visited the various materials yards around Oregon. We discussed many times why I seemed to be searching the horizon like a sea captain looking for that bubbling school of Tuna ( hint, hint, fishing, ocean… where I spend most of my free time…Yes!!) So she knew something was coming.

Landscape Shoppe- We are open! Breaking ground in late February, we spent 6 weeks building our infrastructure in some very wet conditions. We currently have 30 bulk materials bins filled with bark, mulch, soil mixes, aggregates, and much more. We will also be adding another 10 bins as soon as we dry out enough to expand out into dry soil.

Plants- We have lots of plants, especially ornamental, shade, flowering, deciduous and evergreen trees. Lots of Japanese Maples, Jaqmonti Birch, European Horn Beam, Austrian Pine, Hanoki Cypress just to name a few or our 1000 or so trees on site and at the farm. We have some very nice Rhodes, Pieris, Euonyomous, Kinnikinnick, just to name a few in 1, 2, and 5 gallon sizes.

We also have a growing stock of supplies for installing your project, retaining wall block, slate and decorative stone, tree staking equipment, fertilizers, weed fabrics, concrete, lots and lots of installation support stuff. My idea here is to be able to provide you the folks with all of the support and materials needed to not only install your project but to maintain your investment long term as we work with you on the how to of your do it yourself landscaping projects.

What’s on the horizon? Well of course I have some very planned out thoughts, ideas and goals. Only time will tell however, right now it is raining, a good and bad scenario for me as for today I have time to write this blog. Rainy weather not so good for the Shoppe as we need partners in our venture. That’s you the folks, our partners, give us some feedback, if you don’t see what you like we can most likely get it for you with some notice. We will also continuously be bringing in new products from different types of stone to more and more project support materials so that you can start and finish that project with us!

Thanks again….Tim


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