We have been busy the last couple of months preparing our crews and equipment for the new season ahead. Our landscape equipment is constantly needing attention, the mowers have to constantly be maintained, blades sharpened, cables adjusted. Blowers are high maintenance items as cables need adjusting, filters must be blown out and cleaned every day. In the last 2 weeks we are in the process of painting all of our trailers, replacing lights, chains, wires, ECT as the day in and day out grind takes its toll on the structure of each of these trailers and our equipment. Trucks are continuously maintained and detailed every day, I build this into our daily routines as clean trucks, trailers and equipment make for a very efficient, professional crew. We will also be purchasing a number of new pieces of equipment to replace older outdated mowers, weed eaters, trimmers, ECT in 2013.

Spring Maintenance Specials- Remember our long standing New Client Special – as a new client you receive 2 months of landscape maintenance at no charge, we comp your first and last month so you don’t even receive your first invoice until the end of the second month. Also existing clients can recommend a friend and receive an additional 2 months free within the following year and any year after that.

Cleanups- Many times I will forgo a cleanup fee when we take on a new client, this saves you more money right up front and you still quality for our 2 months new client special.

Quality Service- We are more than a Mow and Blow company, we are a professional Landscape Service Provider/Property Management Company! You will receive much more service than any of our competitors, we are completely licensed and insured. You will find that most Mow and Blow companies are not even insured to be on your property and there seems to be more and more of them hitting the low end of the market, more that I have ever seen and they really are not any less expensive than our professional service.

Landscape Installation- This sector of the industry has been slow in the last few years but I anticipate more activity within the Landscape Installation sector of the business as people need to replace and update their existing landscapes. Paver, Concrete, Patios, Sprinkler Systems, New Plants, Bark Mulch, Water Features just to name a few general categories of projects we perform within the Landscape Industry.

Have an Incredible Spring Season! Tim


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