Now that the rains are here you should have your sprinkler system controller in the off position, for those of you that have a moisture sensor it will have turned off your controller, however make sure that you manually turn the controller to the off position for the winter.

Backflow device - winterizing your backflow is important, blowing it out is not, the ground does not freeze in the Willamette Valley, east of the mountains yes but not here, if the ground were to freeze it would only be for a very short time and not any deeper than an inch or two. Your device should be at least 12 inches in the ground or deeper so this is not a concern to me and more of a myth than a rule.

Winterizing backflow and system - turn off controller, go to the backflow that is located near the meter on your property and open the box, if you have a separate gate valve that isolates the device turn off the gate valve. Turn off the two inline horizontal what I call butterfly valves to the vertical position, next take a small Shorty standard screwdriver and open up the 4 little ball valves within the device so that if there was a freeze the water would push out the holes and not freeze the device.

Lastly if you want to go the extra mile here, place an old towel or some insulation on top of the valve as an extra measure of precaution, this may be overkill but will not hurt, finish by placing the lid back and you are done for the winter.

If this procedure is not in your repertoire then just give us a call, get on our list and we will shut you down for the winter.

Warranty - if we are not maintaining your property but installed your sprinkler system you may want to get on our list. We will winterize and spring start up for a fee, check the system, fix broken heads so that you are ready for the season. For our maintenance clients if we installed your system we would most likely have you on a lifetime warranty and you will already be covered for this service


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