I have recently added a new section to the web site called Watering Schedule where you can go to get my opinion on how we adjust the controllers that we maintain. However in this blog I want to discuss and explain the different quality of sprinklers and what to look for when purchasing replacement parts.

When we install a sprinkler system I put a 5 year warranty on all of our projects and lifetime if we maintain them, problem with a lot of the folks systems is that they have purchased product from Home Depot or Lowe’s big box stores. Not that there is anything wrong with that but the equipment that they sell is not to the standard of a professional system and will not last nearly as long. Many of the landscapes built in the last 10 years were installed by either the builder or a less than professional landscape company that was paid very little by the builder to install the sprinkler system and although most unfortunate you the homeowner are having to deal with the problem.

Difference in quality - Most of the professional products that you see in the big box are Rain Bird. They are the largest producer of sprinkler components in the world. They also have different quality lines that they use in the big box, in other words they produce a watered down version of sprinkler components different than commercial quality products. Another not so well known company Hunter Industries produces a higher quality better researched product than Rain Bird and although I use both Rain Bird and Hunter I prefer the Hunter product to Rain Bird for a variety of reasons, smaller company, more dollars to R&D, better representation from the manufacturer are just a few good reasons why I use Hunter.

As a professional landscape contractor, I bid a lot of projects, some I land and some I don’t, and yes I get under bid by unqualified people all the time, but I have yet to find a competitor that will come right out and say they will give you a 5 year warranty, let alone a lifetime warranty on a new sprinkler system. Then again when it comes to business that is pretty much par for the course, trick someone into selling them that good (Cheap) deal, cut corners where they can like buy parts at the big box, bury all of the mistakes in the dirt, especially if they’re not looking. I mean come on who is going to dig up a sprinkler system and check it? Isn’t the landscape company supposed to know what they are doing?

I see a lot of competitors advertising this and that, best thing since sliced bread, our customers tell us we are great, we won an award for being Eco Friendly...Whatever that means as if a landscape company is not already at the top of the Eco food chain? Honestly, I have always said that you can tell them whatever you want but in the end of the day you still have to do the work, make the client happy and do what you said you were going to do.

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