Here we go again, another summer gone, fall is here and personally I love it! So many things are unpredictable, but not our seasons and personally I love the change and consider myself fortunate to be a lifelong Oregonian! That aside, it has been a great summer for Westside Landscape. We continue to see increased growth in most of our business mainly the maintenance end of the business. One way that I know we are a different company than in years past is the size of our compost pile. As you know our main facility is located on acreage in local/rural Polk county just 2-3 minutes from West Salem. This gives us an advantage over our competitors because we recycle our own materials, the debris we get off of your yards. Each day 5 to 7 trucks come back to our facility and unload a full truck of yard debris to our debris pile. We separate all of your waste into 3 piles, sticks and branches, grass clippings, leaves and plant trimmings. This is one way I can gauge how much we are growing is by how much debris we are getting off of your properties. The pile is large and the effort to maintain this pile continues to increase. I consider myself fortunate to have this property and to be able to manage this portion of the business, otherwise we would have to drive to a recycle center and pay someone else to perform this service raising the cost of doing business, ultimately having to charge more. Another benefit is we have a lot of very nice compost and mulch on site, some we use on projects most returns to the earth as it should.


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