Sprinkler system controllers For those of you who monitor your sprinkler system controller please turn down your sprinklers, and as soon as we get the first rain in October they should be completely turned off. Visit This Page for sprinkler system winterization.

Translocation/ fall treatments

With the cool fall weather comes a change of season and a change in our daily habits. Gone are the thoughts of summer vacations, camping, spending time out in the warm summer sun, kids are back to school and its football season here again. The landscape is also in a major transition. Plants and grass are beginning a process of translocation whereby they move sugars that they have been producing from the leaves and stems of the plants down to the roots for winter storage so that they have the strength to survive the cold that they know is coming. As a professional landscape provider we help and encourage plant health by properly feeding plants and grass throughout the year. Plants are different from grass, plants have larger, stronger root systems (that is if the plant is healthy and the soil is good). Grass is different, especially with the amount of rain we get in a year with a combination of winter rains and summer watering systems, combined with our clay soils this all leads to very shallow/unhealthy root systems. Fall is the best time to apply fertilizers and lime to the lawns, the
more healthy the lawn is going into the winter the stronger it will be and the deeper the roots will be come spring time. We just finished up our last summer fertilization first of September, your last fertilization will be about the end of November, this is important because we will get about 30 inches of rain between now and the early spring time, the more rain we get the
more fertilizer that washes down through the soil table becoming unavailable to the roots once past the root zone. You can tell in the spring the lawns that have been properly fertilized, come about April most lawns will be a yellow/sick looking color, a lawn fertilized in the fall with the proper blend will be greener and healthier come spring time, if not this would indicate
other problems (a whole other subject).


Now is the time to apply lime (calcium). What this does is change the balance of the soil called( PH). Fertilizers use Sulfurs to help bind the fertil-izer so that it slowly releases the nitrogen blend in the fertilizer mix. Most of the Nitrogen (a liquid turned into a solid pellet) is coated with a hard cased sulfur to bind it so that it slowly releases. Problem is Sulfur works against the balance of the soil lowering the PH (balance of the soil) Lime- Calcium, (basically a rock pulverized into a spreadable pellet) helps to counter the ef-fects of the sulfur raising the PH of the soil. Lime is not something that you do every year, this is a myth and we don’t apply lime to every lawn every year, some lawns need more lime than others, some need less.
The best way to tell if your soil needs lime is to soil test, I know that soils in our area are between 5.5 and about 6.2 on the PH scale with 7 being neutral, unless you have a very sandy lawn you will have a very acidic (low PH) soil. As a rule, adding lime every 2 to 3 years is an excellent idea, but not every year as is the old school of thought. Well I know that is a lot to absorb, you can do more research on our web site or on the internet and let me know if you have found out information that I must know, as one thing is for sure I don’t know it all, (just ask my wife!)
We will be applying lime to most of our accounts in October.

Crane fly application

I am more concerned than I have been in years regarding the crane fly larva (search Tim’s blog for detailed info on crane fly) . The past mild winters and our warm fall temperatures is not a good sign. I predict we will need to treat crane fly in December this year.

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