The word that comes to my mind when I think of a close friendship is trust, throughout history many a man has had a hard time with his character, you know the one that involves saying one thing and doing another. And yes I can admit that I have been guilty of this a time or two in my life, just ask my wife, or, ah, no, actually let’s not go there.

So why would you trust Westside Landscape as your professional landscape provider? I have heard many different comments over the years, here are some examples: We look like a bigger company so we must be expensive? I hired another larger company and received horrible service, they overcharged me and I did not get what I paid for. My last landscape provider never returned my calls, or the owner told me that it would be fixed and I haven’t heard from him since!

For starters we are definitely not expensive, if we were I would most likely not have so many word of mouth customers. I do know that some of my competitors will high bid when they are busy, in other words they will put out a lot of bids with real high prices because they can only do so many jobs within the growing season, or they know that eventually they will get one of their high bids and make a killing.

I have never bid this way, I always bid to cover my overhead and make a percentage based on a very consistent formula that I have developed. When you consider the types of warranties that we offer I can guarantee you that you will not find a better landscape installation team anywhere in the Salem area that works as hard and as well together as we do.

As for a larger company yes we are larger than a 2 or 3 man team and this is a huge benefit for you. Service is the number one problem that I hear in the industry, we do this very well, when you as a client have a challenge on a project that has been completed recently or in the past we will have a technician check out your problem usually the very next day, if not I will always give you a time and day that we will be by to look at and repair your project. Smaller companies with less resources do not have this luxury of service, it takes a lot of infrastructure and organization to take care of people and that is what we specialize in. In fact we spend time talking about every one of the clients that we serve at least once per week.

The other guys - Trust is huge with me personally and I have made many a mistake and learned a lot of lessons over the years with the main lesson being that if you burn a customer once they will tell a lot of people about it and you will lose their trust forever. If I go out of my way to go the extra mile and take care you, I know that you will be thankful and feel comfortable about letting your friends know that you would recommend us for another project. This is my goal, this is what makes me feel good about myself, because I like to sleep well at night and if you are happy I am sleeping well!

And yes there are companies out there that try all kinds of maneuvers to get you to sign the bottom line on a contract and yes they just love to take your money and either not finish the job or they try to cheap the job when you are not looking. I can’t even begin to tell you of the horror stories that I have heard, and the projects that I have had to come behind and repair you could count on many hands.

This is why I spend a lot of time writing details about who we are and what we do. I have nothing to hide, I feel that if I can put this information out in the public eye, on the web site you the folks will have as much ammo as possible to help you make a quality decision about spending your money with Westside Landscape.

Trust is not something that just happens and when it does it happens over a long period of time. Trust is the well earned reward of quality relationships leading to repeat business and long lasting, trusting friendships.

Thanks again to all of you who help give Westside Landscape our quality reputation, it is you our client that in the end are the judge and the jury, and without your support I could not be writing this blog.

Tim Barnes,
Westside Landscape
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Independence, OR 97351

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