Now that winter is coming to a close, spring will be just around the corner. I have been busy this month and have met with many of our current clients and future clients looking to upgrade or install new landscaping at their property.

The past couple years have been slow, the folks that I am talking to are ready to break out of their hunkered down situation and take on that long awaited landscape project.

The Your project site on our web site is a place to showcase some of our new projects, your projects.

Let’s talk about your project. It is very important to me that I take care of you as a client from start to finish. communication is so important when working with people and I do the following to make sure that our communication is always clear and precise.

  • Pricing through proposal- the cost of the project is outlined in detail by proposal. I recently bid a job and the owner handed me the competitors bid, there were some problems with their bid, many of the details were not outlined and the services were run together in the same sentencing and paragraphs, it was very difficult to tell what was being offered and at what price. When you receive a proposal from us you will have each installation service itemized with a price, this is the only way that you will know exactly what you are getting for your money.
  • Contract- the LCB of Oregon spells out exactly what needs to be in a landscape contract, again the more detailed the information the less likely there is for problems during the installation phase of the project. Search LCB Oregon, when at the site click on Avoiding Landscape Problems/Choosing a Landscape Contracting Business
  • Supervision- according to the LCB any employee or person installing landscape on a person’s property must be licensed by the State of Oregon, if not they must be directly supervised. I accomplish direct supervision by personally visiting all of my installation projects daily, we also have a production meeting daily and at 6:00 am you will find me at our property teaching and going over in detail our daily tasks for that project.
  • Guarantee- to me this is the single greatest asset that a quality company has to offer, their Warranty! If they are not able to stand behind it, why would I as a consumer want to do business with them. Westside Landscape offers the best warranty in the business, in fact we are the only company in our area that I know of that offers a lifetime warranty on many of our services.
  • Value- many people shy away from our company because they think that we are too expensive, I can tell you that this is just not true! I have repeatedly priced both commercial and Residential projects in both installation and maintenance and I can tell you that many of our clients are shocked at what they have been paying for some very shoddy work and many times from an unlicensed or uninsured contractor.

Thanks again to all of you folks out there that make Westside Landscape a success because without you were just another contractor.

Tim Barnes,
Westside Landscape
590 Greenwood Rd

Independence, OR 97351


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