Owner needed a leak free holding pond to meet the rural fire code for a new building that they are building. Here we are plumbing the pond for future water feature. Installing underground pipe as well as some air diffuser lines and pond skimmers to help keep the water circulating and clean. The plan next year is to build a large water feature on the west end and line the pond with large boulders and then finish with landscaping around the perimeter.

Vendors donating materials: Western Interlock, Ewing Irrigation, Landscape Shoppe The Salem Dream Center is a nonprofit Christian organization that helps inner city family's. They provide help with food, clothing, and medical care. These pictures are of our crew donating their time to the Dream Center newest facility. We are helping them to install a community garden at their new facility. We are installing a paving stone Rotunda donated by Western Interlock. And we will help with the water systems and the planter box installation. Thanks to all who have helped make this project a success.
Western Tool located in Salem Oregon.
Sonic on Lancaster Drive in Salem Oregon
Walgreens on Portland Road in Salem Oregon
Denny's Restaurant on Market Street in Salem Oregon
Dutch Brothers on Commercial Street South in Salem Oregon
This is a landscape remodel at the Salem Hospital.
This project is at the Rickreal Community Water District in the downtown metropolis of Rickreal Oregon.

The local water district asked us to design and build a new landscape featuring large boulders, paving stone walkway, sod lawn, sprinkler system, and a two rail country fence. The flower beds will be covered by round rock with weed cloth underneath using local mostly native plantings.

Salem Hospital in downtown Salem Oregon.