For over 30 years now Westside Landscape has been servicing the needs of Residential and Commercial customers throughout Oregon. When the down turn in the economy started we began to struggle along with many other companies of similar size across Oregon. That is when I realized that I really didn’t want to landscape the entire State of Oregon, choosing to focus locally on the folk’s right here in our service district of Salem, Keizer, Dallas, Independence.

Tim, Denise and Kelly

This turned out to be a positive move on our part; we began to focus on our local home grown clients by simply making sure that our clients got what they contracted for. In fact in our daily production meetings we talk about the little details on each home every day that we maintain within a given week and our main focus is are we doing what we say we are going to do? Thus a new motto has developed within our staff, "Do what we say we will do and then some!"

As stated above I am excited about the future of Westside Landscape and where we are going. Give us a try! I believe that you will be satisfied with our professional landscape service.

Here are my license numbers

License: #8980/11562/5706/8003

Liability umbrella from Liberty NW

(12) 54 94 28 53

Commercial Applicator License


Westside Landscape Mailing address:

590 Greenwood Road
Independence, OR 97351
4310 Hwy 22 Salem, Oregon 97304
Phone: 503-585-9517