We are experts at one time clean ups and I keep one crew busy for about 3 months every spring tackling these onetime cleanups. If you have been overwhelmed with your landscape and it has gotten out of control in the last year or two we can help. We are equipped to handle any job that you cannot, our crews are very experienced in trimming of plant materials and overall landscape plantings and property detail. The following are some specific cleanup jobs that we regularly run into.

  • Hauling brush
  • Trimming large hedges
  • Trimming extremely overgrown shrubs and trees
  • Cleaning up overgrown ivy banks and rock banks, rock walls
  • Dealing with and eradicating Poison Oak
  • Digging and grubbing out landscape beds
  • Cutting and edging lawn areas that are overgrown
  • Leveling and clearing all types of land using excavation equipment
  • Bringing overgrown landscapes back to original condition


These are just a few of the tasks that we perform when we do a cleanup on overgrown properties, give me a call I would love to come out and give you a free estimate to see how we can magically turn your overgrown landscape into a work of art!