This large project is being done by a friend of mine who owns FX Landscape in Newport, Oregon. The product is the Canyon XL Grey block. This project has a number of unique applications. It will have steps up from the street as well as a 2 sided wall on the upper lawn to act as a courtyard area. What I think is really unique about these pictures is that it almost perfectly matches the stone on the house and when finished with plant materials it will look identical.
Owner of this West Salem project also had a falling down wood wall. We replaced it with our new Roxblock Canyon Grey wall. Roxblock is a new product for us that we are stocking at the Landscape Shoppe in West Salem. This is their Canyon Grey with the Grey Large Cap. This product is unique to the area and different than other manufacturers that we have in this area. The deep grooved split faces look like real rock when installed without the cost of a rock wall. This is a good DIY product for homeowners looking for the rock wall look without the expertise of installing one.
Pete and Leslie Norris, are longtime friends and we do their landscape maintenance in West Salem. We replaced their falling down wood retaining wall with a new Anchor Diamond Wall.
The owner of this project had multiple retaining walls originally constructed out of rail road ties. When we started to remove the ties they came out in pieces. The new walls are constructed out of our Molalla wall rock that we stock and carry at the Landscape Shoppe located at 5139 Hwy 22 W between Dallas and Salem. We painstakingly pick through each rock that we bring to the job site and dry stack them fitting the rocks together like a puzzle. By stacking the rock this way it creates a very tight form fitting wall that we put a lifetime warranty on.
This project is a complete yard makeover, we are working under a deadline as the owner is preparing the yard and gardens for a May garden show. We will be remodeling and installing the following:
  • 900 L/F of slate stone pathway set in ¼ minus gravel.
  • 1000 sq/ft of new slate patios for sitting areas and gathering.
  • Various remodeled areas containing new plantings, flower beds, stone work, retaining walls.
  • 120 sq ft wood gazebo.
  • Antique Iron gazebo mounted on slate patio.
This project is located in McMinnville Oregon. The owner has a larger property that is on a severe slope. We will be installing retaining walls to hold the parking lot and landscape planters in place. The owner wants very low maintenance so we will install low maintenance groundcover plantings and weed fabric in all the flower beds, banks and slopes and synthetic lawn will take the place of natural lawn. The entire house will be accessible by paving stone pathway and the lower deck and outdoor area will be hardscaped with pavers.
This Project is a home in West Salem that will be on the tour of homes this month.
Gary Robinson of West Salem, owner wanted to access the upper sloped area with stairs that matched his existing landscape and cut out a flat area for him to build a small utility building. Using an excavator we made a 1500 sq ft cut on a very steep slope leveling the area and placing gravel. The cut created a vertical wall of about 5 feet high, here we place natural stone stacked neat and tight to hold the exposed bank, as well as the natural stacked stone steps.
West Salem Project

This is the second of two phases, the owner is finishing up the front of the house and the lower field area. The project consists of placement of 120 yards of top soil around the front entrance of the house, as well as large 2000 pound boulders, plant materials, seeded Tall Fescue lawn and sod Perennial rye lawn up around the house. Using 2 excavators, we will be setting large boulders into the landscape and constructing a retaining wall and walking path out of boulders to access the lower park area, also adding 10 zones of irrigation to accommodate the new landscape.

These homeowners have contracted with us to completely rebuild their back yard with a James Town Park and Plaza paving stone patio, walkways accessing each side of the house, an area for the garbage cans to be placed behind the fence in the back yard fence, a new retaining wall from Willamette Graystone a sprinkler system and new sod lawn from Kuenzi Turf.