Vendors donating materials: Western Interlock, Ewing Irrigation, Landscape Shoppe The Salem Dream Center is a nonprofit Christian organization that helps inner city family's. They provide help with food, clothing, and medical care. These pictures are of our crew donating their time to the Dream Center newest facility. We are helping them to install a community garden at their new facility. We are installing a paving stone Rotunda donated by Western Interlock. And we will help with the water systems and the planter box installation. Thanks to all who have helped make this project a success.
This project is a front yard makeover for the Vesper Residence. We will be installing a Timberstone walkway, front steps and landing. In the front along the walkway we will install boulders and some new soil giving the front a more natural landscape look. New sod and sprinkler system will also be installed in the front yard.
Marshall Guthrie from Monmouth, Oregon

We are installing a new paving stone patio, fence, walking paths, sod lawn and irrigation.


  • Western Interlock
  • Willamette Turf
  • Home Depot
  • Parr Lumber
  • Marr Bros Bark
  • John Deere Landscapes
  • True Value hardware Independence
West Salem Project

This is the second of two phases, the owner is finishing up the front of the house and the lower field area. The project consists of placement of 120 yards of top soil around the front entrance of the house, as well as large 2000 pound boulders, plant materials, seeded Tall Fescue lawn and sod Perennial rye lawn up around the house. Using 2 excavators, we will be setting large boulders into the landscape and constructing a retaining wall and walking path out of boulders to access the lower park area, also adding 10 zones of irrigation to accommodate the new landscape.

West Salem Project

Alice Thomas residence - as a long time client Alice wanted to remove her old outdated yard and install new sod, plants, soil and upgrade the sprinkler system.

The Chetum Residence, located in West Salem.

We installed a new tall fescue sod lawn from Kuenzi turf, tilling into the on site soil sand and compost, hand grading and rolling. Dig and adjust sprinklers in preparation for the new sod lawn.

These homeowners have contracted with us to completely rebuild their back yard with a James Town Park and Plaza paving stone patio, walkways accessing each side of the house, an area for the garbage cans to be placed behind the fence in the back yard fence, a new retaining wall from Willamette Graystone a sprinkler system and new sod lawn from Kuenzi Turf.
This project is a friend of mine who relocated for his job, keeping his house and turning it into a rental. The property is on a larger lot with trees in the back yard, owner needed it to be simple, mostly grass with a sprinkler system. We installed the new Turf Type Tall Fescue sod from Kuenzi turf, an underground sprinkler system and new bark dust. We are also maintaining this project on a lifetime warranty, see my Blog on Lifetime Warranty.
This West Salem resident contracted with us for a complete back yard makeover. The project includes new sprinkler system with both sprays and drip, pictures show that there are a lot of roots, we take care to hand dig under all the roots not damaging any trees, new sod lawn from Kuenzi turf, new back yard planter for the roses, a small wall under the fence made of stone to keep animals from crawling under fence, new bark dust from Marr Bros bark, new front driveway out of paving stones from Western Interlock, basically a complete new property makeover.
I did a lot of back and forth with our client on this project before signing a contract. Client had previously contracted with another landscape provider and was not satisfied with their performance and did not get what she paid for. Client is having a new retaining wall out of natural stone installed, we hand set and chisel the basalt from Abiqua Forest products to create a custom fit decorative wall with steps. We are also upgrading the sprinkler system and adding 2 zones to cover areas not previously watered. A new Rye grass lawn from Kuenzi Sod and plant materials in the front flower beds.