For those of you that are having problems with gophers in your yard and have the stomach to snuff out the little critters the following is a way that we have had success slowing them down.

Take an ordinary apple and cut it into wedges, then take some peanut butter and roll some mole bait, cyanide seed or other poison into the peanut butter and attach it to the apple slice by carving out a hole so the peanut butter sticks into the hole.

Take a few of the fresh mounds the critter creates using a shovel peel off the dirt and using your fingers find a new run, it will be in the form of a hole about an 1-1/2 around right at about the ground level or just below and drop the apple wedge in so that it slides down into the hole. Make sure to cover the hole with the fresh dirt so that there is no light or air making it down the hole, the gopher will move along the hole and find the apple get to chewing the peanut butter and the poison will get stuck into the mouth and it will then be digested.

Good luck mole hunting, and if this is just too much for you throw a party for the moles by watering in the summer, they love the soft ground and will just keep having a party and multiplying at your expense...


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