This project is a commercial courtyard that we demolished and built out for a client. This project was interesting mainly due to having to move all materials, soils, plants, pavers, gravel, rock, pipe, down through the elevators to be hauled off site. We started by removing about 400 yards of material, soil, plants, concrete, etc to ready the courtyard for the new project.

We next installed the landscape portion of the project by bringing in all new materials through the elevators. The project had a tight time line that we needed to meet so we worked long hours to complete the project on time.

Suppliers used on this project

  • Rocky Mountain Nursery
  • Foreverlawn Artificial Turf
  • Ewing Irrigation Supply
  • Valley Concrete and Gravel
  • Mutual Materials
  • West Coast Supply
  • Ag West Supply
  • Pro Grow Mixes


Skills: Lawn Installation, Patios, Paving, Planting, Walkway, Water Display
Categories: Your Project