About Us

We are a professional maintenance company! For over 25 years Westside Landscape has been outperforming our competitors in the commercial landscape maintenance field for a variety of reasons.



We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2005

Growing up and working on a golf course I realized very quickly that it is the little tasks that set apart a finely maintained facility. By concentrating on the fine details an overall consistency will develop into each individual account.

Each commercial maintenance account is personally inspected weekly by an account manager or myself who generates a monthly grading scale of exactly the condition of the landscape in proportion to the signed contract.

Each of our commercial accounts can be accessed through our web site Portal for viewing of each contract and a variety of other information related to your specific account.

Our motto is that we always perform exactly as we are contracted to do and then some.

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services


It is our job to maintain your landscape, you hire us to do exactly what we say we will do and then some. We teach our employees to look at your facility like it is their own, solving problems within the landscape before you get a call from a client or patron. When you sign a commercial landscape maintenance agreement all of the details are up front and in writing, there is no hidden agenda and it is cancelable upon 30 days written notice. If we are not giving you exactly what you pay for and then some, why should you be bound to an agreement that you are not happy with.