In our employee meetings, I often talk about character. In this day and age of anything goes reality TV and almost uncensored shock media, it's not surprising that people seem to be compromising on basic core values. Values that many of us were taught as children and encouraged to exemplify throughout our lives.

I remind my employees that it is not all the consistently good things that you do on a daily basis but the few little things that you compromise on when no one is looking that lead to customer complaints. I believe that character is what separates the good companies from the average. The way companies handle day to day operations, how they train their employees, and how they honor their warranties, (if they offer them), will show true from the top down throughout the company, standing the test of time.

When I look at the whole of our company I want us to have a reputation with the folks that says we do all that we can, and then some, to make things right, even if we were not at fault. I want people to know that they can trust our employees and that management will give them the best possible advice based on the facts, and not the bottom line of a project or contract. In our current culture, I am running into more people that are willing to compromise by cutting corners on contracts or service, saying one thing and doing another, and advertising false promises to land projects on which they cannot deliver. Westside Landscape will not have that reputation. We enjoy working with our clients and giving them the best advice that we can and I am not interested in fast pace growth, only sustained growth based on consistently taking care of our clients needs. As I write this blog I know that we are far from perfect, but I want us as a company to take a hard look at what we do every day because it will determine both our success, and our legacy.


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