Many of you have landscapes that have seen better days. Even with professional maintenance plants can seem out of place and lawns with multiple types of grass eventually become patchwork and quilt looking. Many of you have been in your houses for quite a few years and in this economic climate you are most likely going to stay put, wait for the market to come back or just stay there and get out of dept. Personally I think this is healthier for the long term outlook of our country anyway by paying down our mortgages and investing some of our hard earned monies back into our long term investment. Investment is the key here, and where to spend that investment usually involves "Time". Back a few years when re-finances were at an all time high, so were landscape re-models. Landscape company's were everywhere but the quality of work was very poor possibly resulting in some of the problems you are now experiencing. Maintenance was also done by most homeowners, that's still true today but in this day and age where "Time" is becoming a premium I am seeing the folks realizing that hiring out to a professional company is an excellent long term investment. The main driver of the economy is the Boomers (post WW2 born between 1946-1964) as boomers age our "Time" becomes the most precious commodity that we have and I am seeing this result in most of the new clients that we are servicing.

Maintenance....What they want - Boomers want quality service, they are used to having their landscapes a certain way and are willing to pay a professional company to maintain their residence as long as they do what they say they will do. To me this is what separates a professional company, providing the service that the folks contract for. At Westside Landscape we have a 1 hour production/teaching meeting every morning. One by one our crews come into the production office and we go over each and every one of your accounts in detail. We discuss things like:

  • Were there any challenges?
  • Did the client leave a message or special request?
  • Are they concerned about a portion of the landscape?
  • What plants need to be trimmed?
  • Is the grass too wet or are their any dry spots?
Our meetings are our way of striving for consistent management of your fine properties. My philosiphy is to be pro-active. As humans we are far from perfect and the morning production meeting is one way to bring as much consistency to our overall program as we can.

Installation - as I mentioned new installs are a little slow in the current climate. I expect this to change and heat up in the next few years. Remember we offer a lifetime warranty on all our installations. We make sure that our installations are going to last as long as possible. I know that when we contract a new installation it is going to look fantastic and it will perform as we promised, especially if we are maintaining the landscape.

Tim Barnes
Westside Landscape
Office: 503-585-9517
Mobile: 503-991-0285


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