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Landscaping Salem Health by Westside Landscape

Westside Landscape is a leader in the design build field of landscape installation. We specialize in start to finish installation of new lawns, sprinkler systems, stone patios, and outdoor living areas of just about any type, size and shape that you can dream up.

Years ago, when it was easy to secure financing income on a home re-finance or equity line we were installing projects from $5,000 to $50,000 regularly with many people using bank money on their projects. Since the downturn in the global economy we are now seeing most projects in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, with the occasional larger project usually from existing clients that are moving up and building a new home in the down economy with cash.

Most people are not financing their investment, most of our last years clients paid cash for their new landscape remodel, forgoing conventional financing mainly because the financing just isn't out there for an average wage earner on these types of projects.

As a landscape installation professional I have had to get creative with my clients projects not only to save them money but working with them to develop an overall master plan so that they can eventually achieve their dreams, in stages if necessary.

Installation - This Years Trends...

This year I expect to see an increase in front and back yard remodels. Mainly because most people are ready to move forward and invest back into their properties, they are not looking to move into a new house so the money that they would have spent on a re-finance will go directly into their new remodel project. This applies on all aspects of remodel wether it be a new kitchen or bathroom remodel or a landscape remodel.

Sprinkler system installations continue to be strong mainly because of the overall time and water savings that they provide. Most people would rather not have to worry about wasting water, or the risk of a dried up landscape especially when they go on vacation or away for the weekend, this is the best way to ensure that your landscape investment will receive consistent watering. Call me now for a free quote on a new system!!

Maintenance Trends...

Last year our landscape maintenance division grew at about 20% and I expect this to continue. Part of the reason would be that it is taking more hours in the day to make a living and the smart folks understand the value of their time. If you look at the cost of what we charge and the quality of service that I believe we deliver it is a no brainer for those that understand quality of life!

When you get to the point were you are ready to pull the trigger on either a new landscape remodel or maintenance service, give me a call. I would love to sit down with you.

Thanks again...Tim


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