In the tough times we are in, many of you cannot afford to replace your existing lawn, so we are for the first time advertising our Lawn Restoration Program. The problem with most lawns is the soil fertility. The reason for this, as I have written about in previous blogs, is that the health of the soil that your lawn roots grow in is very sick.

Westside’s Lawn Restoration Program will not replace the new lawn but give it a much needed facelift, not unlike what golf courses do every spring and fall to keep their greens healthy. In fact, I learned this from having been in the golf business for 15 years.

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Soil Aerification

We start by core punching small holes with a machine allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate into the root zone. Most root depth is only about 1inch deep and we like to see at least 2 inches, and prefer 3 to 4 inches of root depth. Contrary to old school thought, thatching will do nothing for the health of your lawn, and will only encourage the wrong kind of short grass (Bent and Poa Annua) to grow. This we do not want.

Top Dressing

The next step is to “top dress” the lawn. After we core aerate the lawn, we top dress/fill the holes, with a combination of organic compost, iron, blood meal, lime, and slow release fertilizer, then overseed with a 3-way blend of rye grass, adding fine fescue in shaded areas.

What does this do? The cores create growth space, air and water can enter, the compost and nutrients fill the holes and the roots chase after the newly created open space. Blood meal is an organic phosphorus compound and will enhance root growth, organic lime (Calcium) helps to balance PH levels, making the cells of the grass plant more resistant to disease and stress. Organic chelated iron reduces the amount of nitrogen levels needed for green healthy grass, and finally fertilizing with slow release nitrogen for long term feeding.


If it is not within your budget to replace that old lawn, Westside's Lawn Restoration Program is an economical way to enhance any lawn immediately within 30 days and in the long term create a much thicker, healthier lawn needing less water and fertilizers to keep it greener and thicker.

We guarantee results and will refund your investment if you do not see remarkable results in the first 30 to 60 days.

As always, thanks again for reading my blog.....Tim..

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