I have had clients ask me in the past to cancel service for a few months during the winter season. Our maintenance agreements are based on a yearly cycle, kind of like when the gas company or local water utilities bill on an equal pay program, you will use more service at different times of the year but the billing is the same per month.

This is how I set up our maintenance agreements, we spend more time during the growing season and although winter slows down there are still many tasks that need to be done in the off season to prepare for the growing season, especially with what seems to be a warming trend in the weather the last few years.

Our 4 seasons differentiate us from most other parts of the country, they are very different yet mild enough for us to enjoy a rather stress free weather life compared to other parts of the country.

Your landscape is also very involved in this seasonal change and it is our job to work with your property to help facilitate this yearly cycle.

Challenge we have here is the landscape grows year around, especially the last few years with what seems to be a warmer climate coming on, there is just very little time for the landscape to rest, or for that matter the maintenance to stop.

Right now as I write we are just past the winter solstice, were our location on the earth is at its furthest position away from the sun. This winter change drops the leaves, sends plants into complete dormancy so they can store food and rest for the spring break out, which of course is right around the corner.

As a landscape manager I break up the four seasons task wise as to what jobs and process of jobs or duties are needed to maintain and improve the overall health of the landscape within the given season. In fact it is such a science as to what should and shouldn't be done, many choose to hire it out. Many homeowners are overwhelmed with proper landscape procedures and the actual amount of work that it really takes to consistently maintain their properties. As an example take a look at a neighbors property that is not professionally maintained and compare, yes I know some folks can handle their yard but from my observation many seem to struggle.

Landscaping Salem Health by Westside Landscape

Without going into the major details here (see other blogs within this site for landscape process and procedures) I believe that utilizing the services of a year around Landscape Professional is well worth the investment. In fact, the horticultural and landscape industry when combined is well over a 100 billion dollar industry.

My point here is people who choose to budget the money to hire a professional contractor to maintain and install their landscapes are on par with millions of other Americans utilizing this type of service for the simple reason that they value their yard and time enough to understand that it can be done better and more consistently by a landscape professional, they also place a high value on the time that they gained by paying a professional to do it.

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