Residential Landscaping

Residential maintenance is very competitive especially in this current market, over the past 27 years I have been involved in maintaining many projects from large retail commercial to the smallest of residences. I view each of my clients properties as a long term investment that they invest in monthly, therefore it is our job to give you the service that you are paying for. It’s all about the little things I learned many years ago the little things that get done on a property on a weekly basis are what separate the good quality companies from everyone else.

Residential property weekly duties

This is a basic outline based on approximately 45 annual site visits give or take based on annual weather patterns, we do not service on Thanksgiving or Christmas weeks, and our trucks do not run in snow or ice.

Mow and edge lawn weekly during growing season

Trimming and manicure of plant materials after blooms and growing spurts.

Rake out and detail of flower beds removing weeds, branches, leaves and unwanted debris.

Maintain flower beds to be 90% weed free.

Power blow off hard scape surfaces, driveways, patios, decks, entrances.

Sprinkler system maintenannce and observation, winterize and spring start up.

Overall weekly inspection of the landscape.

Multiple custom services upon evaluation of your property.

High retention rate

We have a high retention rate of yearly clients that value our service, I believe the main reason is our consistency. Our policy of servicing your account weekly allows us to know your property and properly implement the required tasks on a given basis. The biggest complaint that I hear from a new client is that their previous maintenance service just did not show up on a regular basis, they also did not have an agreement that helped them to understand what they were paying for.

Complete maintenance/ installation warranty – if we installed your landscape and you are contracting with us to maintain your residence we will warranty the complete installation for the life of our maintenance contract with you. We take care of all of the sprinkler system repairs, lawn problem issues that come up like overseeding and aeration if this becomes a problem.

Sprinkler systems – if we installed your sprinkler system and you have us winterize and spring start up, repairing and re-setting heads that become out of line and replacing any components that you may have mowed off or damaged then we can give you a lifetime warranty on your system if it has problems not associated with damage from an outside vendor or source. This is a very good way to make sure that you are optimizing the effectiveness of the system.